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Seven Dimensions of Wellness

The Army Residence Community (ARC) believes the greatest wealth a person possesses is their health.  Retirees choosing to live at the ARC are in search of more than just a “place to retire.”  They chose the ARC because residents can live fully and actively well into their golden years. We invest in the wellness of our residents. 

Our facility is designed to promote individual and community wellness across the seven dimensions of wellness: emotional, environmental, intellectual/cognitive, physical, professional/vocational, social, and spiritual.  The ARC’s culture is built around these dimensions with the goal of enriching the lives of our residents.  Below are the areas of the ARC community relating to each dimension of wellness.  

Physical Wellness

Our Wellness Center includes an 8,000 sq. ft. fitness center. The Center is available to residents, family members, and employees. It is equipped with free weights, Keiser strength machines, treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, rowers, and many other options. Our onsite Wellness Coordinator provides group exercise classes, personalized training, and is available to educate and motivate.  

The Wellness Center also hosts our in-house physical therapy team. Residents may receive physical therapy on campus after an injury or surgery. This team utilizes the Fitness Center as an inclusion to the rehabilitation process.  Our Wellness Coordinator works closely with the therapists to ensure residents remain active and on track after successfully completing their physical therapy protocol.   

The ARC also boasts a pool that is heated year-round and fully enclosed. The roof can be retracted during the warmer months to give the feel of being outdoors. Residents can swim laps or partake in water fitness classes. A hot tub is available for relaxing and soaking muscles.


Intellectual Wellness

Our Activities Coordinator organizes a variety of engaging activities to embrace a broad area of interest among residents and to promote intellectual wellness. You might find yourself trying a skill or craft you never experienced before. Additionally, the ARC boasts numerous clubs for you to join to include a quilting club, gardening club, genealogy club, computer club, and many more. The many activities provided by the ARC serve to fulfill the mission of providing each resident the opportunity to live a purpose-driven life. 

Social Wellness

The quality of life at the ARC is strongly influenced by the relationships created in our community. Many ARC residents enjoy the company of old friends met through their military careers. These relationships are deepened through the many social activities arranged by our Activities Coordinator.  There are numerous scheduled events on and off-campus. Our Activities Coordinator can help you create your own event as well.  

Occupational Wellness

We strive to offer an environment where residents engage in meaningful and interesting work collaborating with others in purpose-driven activities and clubs. The ARC has a computer club, library club, gardening club, dinner club, and many others to provide this type of life enrichment. Residents are encouraged to create a club or activity for their areas of interest where it does not already exist. 

Additionally, residents can volunteer in areas of their occupation or interest. Many of our Residents enjoyed successful careers with leadership roles and continue to use them for outreach and advocacy.  With support from the Army Residence Community, we have grown a culture that makes it easy to begin a program seeded from thought.   

Environmental Wellness

The ARC Community strives to live in harmony with the Earth in many ways. Many of the appliances used in our residences are energy efficient and recycling is available for all residents. Further, we have garden plots that provide residents with an opportunity to grow fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs, which in turn develops their connection to the environment. We also host an arbor group that cares for the community trees. The Golden Diggers club is a group of gardeners who strive to keep the ARC grounds beautiful.  ARC residents created a feral cat program that provides medical treatment, food, and foster program for the community of feral cats. These opportunities ensure we protect and care for our environment in the long term. 

Emotional Wellness

At the ARC, we host daily chair yoga and meditation to enhance our residents’ emotional wellness. We also host various support groups for those dealing with the loss of loved ones and for caregiver support. 

Spiritual Wellness

The ARC promotes spirituality and individual expression. Residents wishing to embrace spirituality have access to the Cheever Chapel. The Chapel is home to various weekly interdenominational services.  Our goal is to provide an environment and support so every resident can reach their wellness potential in mind, body, and spirit.

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