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Independent Living


The Army Residence Community welcomes officers and non-commissioned officers (E-8 & E-9), retired or honorably discharged from all branches of the Armed Services, as well as retired senior level (GS 12 and above) Federal employees and their spouses and surviving spouses.

Priority Waiting List

  • The Priority List determines the sequence for offering residences to applicants.
  • Priority Application
  • Deposit ($1,500 for Couples, $1,000 for Individuals)
  • DD214 Form / GS 14 Verification
  • Specify up to 3 Residence Preferences

Physical examination

  • One physical form is required to be filled out by a physician
  • One physical form is required to be filled out by the applicant/s

Entrance Fee Options

  • Plan 0 – Immediate savings over long-term estate preservation. Most economical way to move in and receive all the benefits of our Life Plan Community.
  • Plan 50 – Plan 50 offers a reduced monthly fee for those planning their monthly expenses.  This plan amortizes to 50% over the initial  24 months. After 24 months, this plan will refund at the 50% rate, whether you live with the ARC for 3 years or more. A great way to also leave a legacy.
  • Plan 90 – Plan 90 offers a 90% refunded Entry Fee. Whether you live with the ARC for 10 days or 15 years, your plan will refund at the 90% rate. This plan presents the highest return on your investment.

Down payment

  • Equals 10% of the Entrance Fee, less the Priority deposit (if applicable)

Contract signing

  • The final Entrance Fee payment is due
  • Monthly Service Fee charges begin
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