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" The fact that two former Surgeon Generals of the Army and their spouses chose the ARC made us feel good about the quality of care. All that and the price was right! It was the best decision we ever made. Come join us and you will find a very warm welcome from folks from all the services who share your values." -Gen. Klein

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"We did a lot of research on Continuing Care Retirement Communities around the country, visited several in Virginia, Florida, Washington State, California, and Texas. We decided this was the best place to live ... we are convinced that the decision was 100% correct."- COL. & Dr. Wright

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Judith Rhone

"We were actually sold the first day because of the beauty of the ARC...we opted for the Highrise because of Jim's health... we have everything we need right here, our children were so thrilled when we told them about the ARC... they said now we don't have to worry about you and dad."-Lt Col.Judith Rhone

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Suzanne Issacs

"The thing I want you to remember most of all is that this place (ARC) forms a community..." -Suzanne Issacs

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