Pecan Pie for Breakfast

By Jo Compton

With today’s tasks, accomplished at last!

When busy, time passes fast.

Well, it’s true more or less

I could skip a task, I guess!

Tasks abound, attention in need

long lists abound, where will they lead?

Showered, got to Rosary on time,

(but get THIS amazing line!!!)

To BB for breakfast, yes late!

(you know, that’s my normal fate!)

Too late for the breakfast, I so desired.

The meal I wanted, by it, I was so inspired!!

The waitress tried to be helpful, tho’ slow

but then came the heart-breaking blow!

She suggested,” potatoes as “twice bake”

for the life of me, “that, I’ll be happy to take!”

Came the waitress looking quite chagrined,

“Sorry, all sold out” but that’s not the end!

Probably, you will easily guess,

to avoid my near state of “depress”

choice for now I thought it to be

it’s Brunch I’ll be having, it pleases me!

You know the order sent to staff

was weird at that hour, tho’ got no laugh.

With coffee in hand, fork aimed toward plate,

(my treat for the day, again, my happy fate),

to enjoy each pecan from its half shell

formed into pie, and this I’ll tell,

leaning back, with a sigh, while eyeing my pie

I’ll do this again, in the sweet by-and-by!

4/10/2024 Love and Live Life

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