May 29, 2024

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My Adventurous Friend

By Ella Gordon

I met my adventurous friend in nursing school.  Her name was Linda Alford and she was from Birmingham, Alabama.  Our personalities were just opposite of each other.  I was quiet in speaking, and Linda was loud in speaking.  She took risks and I played it safe.  I was very studious, and she was sporadic in her studies.  You get the difference. We probably would not have been life-long friends, had she not been my roommate in our freshmen year at Grady Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in Atlanta, Georgia.

Linda would sneak out of the dorm and spend the night sometimes with a family she had met in Atlanta.  On one night our Dorm Mother checked rooms and found that Linda was not in her room.  She went down to the basement and called Linda‚Äôs name a few times but did not inspect all the rooms.  Students sometime went to the basement to study.  But it was creepy at night in the basement.  The Dorm Mother reported Linda missing to the Director of Nursing, Miss Dixon.  Linda always arrived in time to go to breakfast at the Hospital and then report to her assigned ward.

To make a long story short, Linda did not get suspended because, she told the Director that she had fallen asleep while studying in the basement.  The Dorm Mother could not prove whether she had been in the basement and fallen asleep, since she did not leave the elevator.  The basement was creepy!  Linda was placed on suspension; however, she could attend her classes and meals only.  The suspension lasted two weeks.  But unknown to the Director, Linda continued to make her occasional night sleepovers.,

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