Healing Rehabilitation Following an Injury, Surgery or Illness


Residents may access a full spectrum of physical, occupational, and speech therapy at the ARC Rehabilitation Therapy Department, adding to the valuable continuity of care at this Life Plan Community. Rehabilitation services may occur following a stroke, trauma care, osteoarthritis, cardiac conditions, pulmonary conditions, knee/joint/hip replacement and many other reasons. 

Whether your inpatient or outpatient stay is planned after a hospitalization or for a chronic condition, the Army Residence Community can help!  Our person-centered care is provided by experienced professionals that understand your needs.  Our therapist work together with your physician to ensure you have a complete understanding of your rehabilitation journey. 

Within our community,  transportation to and from therapy is provided,  if needed. It is a comfort to residents and their families to know that these excellent healing therapies are readily available on the ARC campus. 

Therapeutic Procedures may include:  Muscle Strengthening, Balance and Coordination, Joint Range of Motion, Pain Management, Neuromuscular Training and Gait Training.

5-Star Rating by CMS