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Embracing Community at the ARC

June 29, 2024

The Army Residence Community (ARC) is more than just a place to live; it’s a vibrant, supportive community where residents come together to create a unique and enriching living experience. Located in San Antonio, Texas, the ARC now welcomes any commissioned and noncommissioned officers (E-8 & E-9) who are retired or honorably discharged from all branches of service and retired senior level (GS-12 and above) federal employees, including spouses and surviving spouses. This strong sense of community is the cornerstone of life at the ARC, making it an extraordinary place to call home.

The Heart of Community Life. At the heart of the ARC is the belief that community is built through connection. Many of the residents have spent their lives serving the country and have found a renewed sense of purpose and belonging through the various activities and support systems. This community is where neighbors are friends, and friends become like family.

Activities and Programs. One key aspect that makes the ARC stand out is the vast array of activities and programs designed to engage residents and foster a sense of togetherness. Whether it’s fitness classes, arts and crafts, gardening, or educational lectures, there is something for everyone. These activities are not just about staying busy; they are about connecting with others, learning new skills, and enhancing the overall quality of life.

Volunteerism and Mutual Support. Volunteerism is a significant part of the ARC culture. Residents actively participate in various volunteer opportunities within the community and the broader San Antonio area. This spirit of giving back benefits those they help and strengthens the bonds among residents. Whether organizing events, assisting in the on-site health center, or helping with administrative tasks, every contribution is valued and makes a difference.

Health and Wellness. Health and wellness are prioritized at the ARC, with comprehensive health services and wellness programs available to residents. The on-site health center offers a range of medical services, ensuring residents have easy access to the care they need. Wellness programs, including fitness classes, nutritional guidance, and mental health support, are designed to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Building Relationships. The architecture and layout of the ARC are designed to promote interaction and socialization. Common areas such as dining rooms, lounges, and recreational spaces encourage residents to come together, share meals, and participate in group activities. Special events, holiday celebrations, and cultural programs further enhance the sense of community, providing numerous opportunities for residents to build lasting relationships.

A Sense of Belonging. The most remarkable aspect of life at the ARC is residents’ sense of belonging. Many have shared that living at the ARC is like being part of an extended family. This feeling of belonging is nurtured through daily interactions, shared experiences, and the mutual support that residents provide to one another.

The Army Residence Community is a shining example of how intentional community building can enhance the lives of its residents. The ARC has created a warm, welcoming environment where retired military officers and their spouses can thrive by focusing on connection, support, and mutual respect. It’s a place where every resident is valued, every contribution is appreciated, and every day offers an opportunity to connect and grow. For those seeking a community that feels like family, the ARC is truly a place to call home.

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