May 29, 2024

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By Jo Compton

If I do nothing today,

Will the moon still shine bright tonight?

Will the breeze move branches in it’s trees tomorrow,

if I do nothing today?

Will the friend who hurts know I care for her, if I do

nothing today?

And will the lady next door

find someone to drive her to appointment with doctor,

if I do nothing today?

Not brush my teeth, nor tend to my hair?

Will it matter at all, if I do nothing today?

The library has others for sorting the books,

while I do nothing today!

If I do nothing today,

that difficult letter of solace can be written any day,

and the grocery will be open another day,

while if I do nothing today.

Don’t I get time off, just for me,

and do nothing today?

The ringing phone interrupts my selfish thoughts:

An elderly friend, badly injured by a fall

and in need of solace by a friend.

With empathy, I will do something today.

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