May 29, 2024

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The Quilt in the Closet

By Joe Hipp

There is a quilt in the closet, tattered and old, too damaged to repair according to my friendly quilters. It belonged to Granny Rich, (Emma Owens Pistole Rich). When Sis and I were kids and visiting our grandparents in Newport, Arkansas, we vie-ed for the privilege of spending the night in Granny’s bed, beneath that quilt with a heated iron wrapped in a towel, and listening to her tell us stories.

The quilt has been passed down through three generations, first to her daughter, Dorothy Pistole McClellan, then to granddaughter Floy McClellan Hipp, and finally to me. It is nondescript in many ways, but kept me warm as I traveled 25 years in a motorhome (after my last divorce).

Now that I have purchased a new quilt (through a silent auction), I’m looking to bestow the quilt and its memory on my granddaughter, Anna ZitzEvancih (AKA Anna D.) when she arrives soon for her birthday and a visit with “pawpaw”. It is best to put the quilt and its memory into her young hands, Lord knows that the quilt is looking for another young person to keep warm on winter nights.

And, Anna, if there is a next generation, and the quilt has survived, be sure to tell the story. Love you, Grand pa Joe

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