May 29, 2024

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The Patron of Arts A Memory

By Joe Hipp

The Junior Tuesday Musical Club Ambassadors presented a musical honorarium at the ARC Chapel recently, “In memory of Janelle Tye”. Two young men who could barely be seen above the Chapel’s grand piano, rippled the 88 keys like miniature maestros. Young Nicholas “Nick” McNally played Debussy’s ‘Serenade for the Doll’ perfectly without sheet music. Clark Haygood joined Nick for a duet, pounding out a thunderous Gabriel Faure’s ‘Miaou – No.2’, from The Dolly Suite, Opus 56. Neither of these young men are old enough to be Boy Scouts!

Teenager Sixto Elizondo, on a polished String Bass, presented a concerto from Giovanni Bottesini. He was followed by Avelyn Lee, on violin, playing Bach’s Violin Partita; talented youth, the music was amazing.

The performance drew a large crowd for a Saturday morning in the Chapel. Long-time friend of Janelle, Lynn Amos, introduced the program. Janelle was long associated with the San Antonio Symphony Board, as was the ARC’s Director of Development, Anna Sweeden. Both ladies contributed time and talent to the performing arts. Janelle’s husband, Joe Tye, a West Point graduate, was a gifted landscape artist and, like Janelle, a San Antonio native. His oil paintings decorated the walls of Janelle’s apartment.

Youth performances are a fitting tribute to our Patron of the Arts, the late Janelle Tye, who founded and co-chaired the annual Children’s Christmas Pageant. The ARC Activities Director, Felicia Clarey, frequently arranges classical music performances in the Chapel. This performance was special, honoring one of our former residents, Janelle Tye, granddaughter of a composer, and introduced to classical music at an early age. Her legacy to the ARC lives on.

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