June 15, 2024

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Scaredy Cat

By Suzanne Floy Isaacs

Halloween. October 31st.. Day for ghosts and goblins to come out. A day I will never forget.

On that Halloween many years ago, a group of children, although today, we might be called a gang, decided to test our courage against the terrors of Halloween. We knew we were brave because bravery comes to groups, not individuals. In that small farming community, everybody knew each other. So trick or treating was easy and we finished in record time. But what to do now? Can’t go home too early.

“Hey, let’s go to the cemetery,” some brave soul issued a challenge.

How can you say no? Then you would be called a scaredy cat – a label and worst name ever. So away we go, throwing caution to the wind.

We begin walking towards the cemetery, brave as can be. Nearing the cemetery, the group became tighter and tighter, closer together. And no one says a word, quiet overcame us. Walking slowly, slowly. Fear made me tremble – I looked neither to the right or left.

Around the curve we moved and straight ahead lay the cemetery. Headstones gleaming in the night – moon illuminating the scene. Headstones arranged in perfect rows, waiting for us.

Eyes looking straight ahead – fearful that ghosts are real. The horror soon became real.

“Look! There’s a ghost. It’s real – a ghost! See it rising at the fence, white as can be,” someone yells.

There it is! Sudden panic grips us. We turn, running, pushing, shoving – anything to get away. No one wants to be the last one captured by a ghost.

Fear grips my heart. I run, not looking for my sister. I just run and run. I just want to get out of this awful Halloween terror.

Finally, safe and I’m not taken by those ghosts. In all the hullabaloo my sister loses her mask. Never to be seen again.

“But Mother, Dady, it was real! We promise. We saw it,” my sister and I objecting to our parents’ looks of skepticism and disbelief.

To this day my sister and I see the apparition again and again in our memories. So much for visiting cemeteries at night. Never again!

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