May 29, 2024

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Read the Label

By Joe Hipp

Tenth floor resident, Peter Stelmachowicz, has an inquisitive mind and a variety of intellectual interests. Recently handing the author a label from a Tropicana Apple Juice bottle, he said, “Read the label!”

Being one who imbibes regularly of apple juice from Grab-N-Go, I read the label. Listed among the contents were: “juices from Brazil, Chile, China, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine and U.S.”

It appears that Tropicana Apple Juice is bottled in Bradenton, Florida, home of the manufacturing company. The listing of contents normally suggests that the last source is the least amount of product. However, Tropicana lists product alphabetically. It does raise the question for an inquisitive mind, “Where in the world, and from what continent, does my apple juice come from?”

A friend told me, “Don’t drink anything unless you know where the first five sources (or ingredients) come from!”.

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