July 15, 2024

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High Rise Renovation

By Joe Compton

Looking forward to completed renovations

will it all add up to our expectations?

Our environment sparkles with new hope

this task exceeds our original scope.

As soon we move through a less troubling day,

where we all stand together, to say:

“Job done! Contract complete,

it was indeed, a Laborious Fete!”

Whistling sound of electric saw,

we know, the end will soon draw!

Hammers active, rhythmic sound

what new sounds will be found?

Purring of oversized vacuums soothing sound,

tells us renovation soon will be found!

Remaking, updating our ARC High Rise,

workers will leave without, “Good Byes!”

“Fare-the-well”, expressed to Company Johnson

for this building’s now historic construction,

Welcome World!, We now are complete,

as previously stated, “Quite a feat!”,

In future days, retired military officers will come,

appraising this Reconstruction we’ve just done.

Assuming, for granted, they will take

improved upgrades, from this date.

What they will see as, “This is fine,”

never aware of our confusing time!

We, “Old Timers,” welcoming new.

life at The ARC, we residents agree,

Come, we invite you, come and see!

The 30 year interwalls, painted white,

now here they are clean and bright.

Carpets stirred in shades of lovely blues

will bring cheers!, “Job well over due!”

Now, High Rise renovations complete,

I repeat, ”Twas a marvelous feat!”

Calling this domicile “Home”, as we mostly do,

Enjoy improvements, in this

your new home.

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