Grand Canyon Ace

By Pat Gibbs

We met you at the Phoenix airport, as

you huddled us in the Starbucks area.

We were friendly, cheery travelers,

no signs of tour hysteria.

At our Welcome Dinner, that first night,

we discovered you, a most congenial host.

North Dakota group winning the honor,

no doubt, bringing along the most.

This Grand Canyon week we learned about

cliff dwellers, and ancient civilizations.

The “Trinity of corn, squash, beans” is

knowledge we’ll pass down for generations.

For certain, we’ve sampled a

heavy dose of ancient history.

The Vortex, however, remains

a shaky, trembling mystery.

Verde Canyon Railroad, one fantastic

experience we’ll forever remember.

Grand Canyon, plus you, are reasons

we’ll never forget our September! 

We’ve grown fond of you Clinton Scott,

our tour guide, super-duper supreme.

So happy you’re not earning a living 

with the Foot Locker Company team!

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