April 21, 2024

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Being and Doing and Flux

By Jim Crews

Lucille enters stage right. She is dressed up with jewelry and heavy make up. She tidies up the living room. She rearranges the pillows on the couch. She checks everything for dust. She moves things on the table and then replaces them where they were in the first place. George enters stage left. He wears a t-shirt and pajama bottoms.

Lucille: Good morning, George.

George: (Grunts). Mornin’, Lucille.

Lucille: Any plans today…Sunshine? (Sarcastically)

George: Same O, Same O.

Lucille: (Mockingly). Same O, Same O…You need to do something.

George: Like…what?

Lucille: I don’t know, but something. Something rather than just sitting around in a T-shirt and pajamas.

George: Like…what?

Lucille: Like…I don’t know. Write a book, put up a fence, plant a garden…something.

George: Why? (Pregnant Silence. George plops down on the couch). I am happy being who I am. And right now, my being is doing nothing.

Lucille: Nothing gets you nothing.

George: Perhaps I like ‘nothing’. At least I am not like you running around straightening things that you’ve straightened a hundred times before.

Lucille: But I am doing something.

George: Nothing is what you are doing. You are just moving things around, but it is the same way it was at the beginning. It is the way it was.

Lucille: You used to have ‘drive.’ You used to want to do things. To accomplish something. To be proud in your doing…Now you just mope around the house. You need to do something.

George: ‘Doing’ is not the purpose of life. ‘Being’ is more important than anything else.

Lucille: Oh, listen to the Philosopher.

George: At least, I know what I am about…Nothing. You have no awareness of what you do. You just Do.

Lucille: And my doing gets things done. These days, getting things done is important.

George: Even if nothing changes.

Lucille: Everything changes.

George: No. It ends up the same. Just because you move things around does not mean you have ‘done’ anything.

Lucille: At least I am doing. You just laze around and nothing gets accomplished.

George: (Silence for a Beat). Are you going to the store today?

Lucille: Maybe.

George: Maybe? Are you planning to go to the store today or not?

Lucille: May be…

George: What will help make up your decision of store going or not store going?

Lucille: Do we need something from the store?

George: What does that matter? Is necessity the driving force in life?

Lucille: Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

George: Do you say? Now who is being the Philosopher?

Lucille: OK…Yes…I am going to the store. What do you need?

George: Nothing.

Lucille: Then why does it matter if I go to the store or not?

George: It does not matter. I was just wondering what you planned to do today besides accomplishing nothing.

(Silence engulfs them)

Lucille: What happened to us?

George: What do you mean?

Lucille: What happened to you and me? We used to be the Couple…lovey-dovey, invited to all the dinner parties, people liked us. I feel as if we just put up with each other now.

George: I have not changed.

Lucille: Oh, you have, George. You were ambitious. You had projects. You had people. You played golf. You sang in the choir. You had life…and now…

George: Now…. What?

Lucille: You just laze.

George: I am not lazy.

Lucille: I did not say you were lazy.

George: It sounded like it to me.

Lucille: No. I said you laze. You do not have purpose. You just are.

George: (aside to audience). I enjoy my being.

Lucille: What happened to us?

George: Life happened to us. The day in and day out of doing. The growing up of children. The passing of mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles. The doing of work and the passing of time. One day we wake up and realize we are old.

Lucille: But do we have to change?

George: Yes, we do, Dear. We have to change. The ancient Greeks considered ‘flux’ to be one of the elements of life…like Earth and Wind and Fire…Flux is always there. Change is always there.

Lucille: So…we must change.

George: For me, it is the one thing we can control…How we react to change.

Lucille: So you ‘Be’.

George: And you ‘Do’.

Lucille: What happened to us, George?

George: Life. And I would not change anything.

Lucille: Well, then, put your clothes on.

George: Why?

Lucille: Because we are going to the store!

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