• Retired Military Officer and/or Spouse
  • 20 years of Military Service (Active or Reserve)
  • 10 years must be commissioned or warrant officer
  • At least 60 years of age
  • Able to live independently
Priority List
  • The Priority List determines the sequence for offering residences to applicants
  • Priority Application
  • Deposit ($1,500 for Couples, $1,000 for Individuals)
  • DD214 Form
Waiting List
  • The Waiting List is for those who are now ready to move in to the community.
  • Specify up to 3 Residences:
    • 1st Choice: ___________
    • 2nd Choice: ___________ (optional)
    • 3rd Choice: ___________ (optional)
Physical examination
  • One physical form is required to be filled out by a physician
  • One physical form is required to be filled out by the applicant/s
Entrance Fee Options
  • Plan 0 – Open to all applicants. Immediate savings over long-term estate preservation.
  • Plan 50 – Open to all applicants.  After the introductory period, 50% is refunded.
  • Plan 90 – Open to all applicants. After the introductory period, 90% is refunded.
Down payment
  • Equals 10% of Entrance Fee, less deposit
Contract signing
  • Final Entrance Fee payment is due

  • Maintenance Fee charges begin