Resident Spotlight: COL Guy Huskerson (Ret)

Continuing to serve –Retired COL Guy Huskerson encourages local students to “never give up”



Standing in front of a student assembly at Medio Creek Elementary School in San Antonio, retired COL Guy Huskerson shares his life journey of going from growing up as a poor Texas farm boy to his 30-year career as a military leader.  With eyes wide open, the children are amazed as COL Huskerson explains how he rode a horse to school when he was their age – and when the horse died, he walked to school without any shoes on his feet. Despite his economic challenges, he worked hard to get to college, graduate, and receive a Regular Army commission – and they can do it too.  His presentation was part of the school’s Career and College Readiness Day on May 30, 2018.

"Our students face many of these same economic challenges,” said school nurse Kim Neatherlin, RN. “It’s encouraging for them to hear these success stories – they know they can also be successful.”

Medio Creek Elementary is a Title I school in the Southwest Independent School District. A Title I school is made up of a high percentage of students from low-income families.

“I love talking to these kids,” said Huskerson. “I want them to learn to have confidence in themselves so they can achieve their goals.”

Huskerson began speaking to school children through the program, Motivate Our Students in Texas (MOST), which was established by retired Air Force Col., Dr. Edwin “Eli” Whitney, a cardiologist in San Antonio. Huskerson’s path led him to Dr. Whitney in 2016 after a routine visit to check a pacemaker he received the year prior. The two men began talking and Dr. Whitney soon realized that Huskerson needed to share his story with children – he would be the perfect volunteer for his program.

“You know, it’s strange how everything falls in to place,” said Huskerson. “I never thought I would be doing this, but here I am, and I’m enjoying every minute of it.”

Since November, Huskerson has given multiple presentations at ten different schools. He usually shares old photos of his time in the military with the students.  They particularly enjoy picking him out of the panoramic group photo of a company he commanded in Fort Polk, Louisiana. He also brings the jacket from his Army uniform whenever he speaks to students.  They enjoy learning about the uniform and ask a wide variety of questions including the significance of his medals. Although the children enjoy hearing his story, Huskerson’s mission is to get the children to begin thinking about their own path. “I encourage them to find something positive in their lives that they enjoy because I want them to enjoy life now, but I also want them to start thinking about their future,” said Huskerson.

Although the Army Residence Community is made up of retirees from all branches of the U.S. military, there is a common thread that ties all of them together – their willingness and desire to always serve others.