Medication Aide

PURPOSE OF JOB:   Assist Nursing staff   in  providing care to geriatric residents, applying knowledge of and techniques for dealing with problems associated with aging.  Assists, instructs, or serves as role model for dysfunctional residents attempting to regain  basic living skills such as dressing, performing oral and personal hygiene, eating , grooming, communicating, ambulation, bladder & bowel control and personal conduct.


Shift Specific Tasks:


1.       7:00 a. m.  to   3:00 p.m.

  1.      Check assignment at Nurses Station.
  2.      A Nurse Assistant/Orderly from each hall must complete vital signs and have  them recorded on assignment sheet no later than 8:00 a.m. 
  3. Load clean linen carts and obtain soiled linen barrel for each hall.
  4.  Begin getting resident up, toilet them, wash their hands and face, dress and groom for the day.  No pj’s unless Nurse makes an exception.
  5. When breakfast trays arrive, serve trays,  making sure resident is sitting up in bed and eyeglasses are on, dentures are in place, silverware in on  the tray: open everything on the tray.  Make sure the call bell is within residents reach.
  6.   After trays are passed, all aides feed residents who cannot feed.


The Army Residence is accepting applications for Medication Aides -Shift: 7am-330pm

Job Types: Full-time