Independent Living Activities Coordinator (Event Planning Coordinator)

Job Description

The Activities Coordinator—operating from a holistic, multi-dimensional paradigm of wellness—promotes the fulfillment of the ARC’s mission and motto by developing, coordinating, organizing, facilitating, promoting, and executing programs and events designed to enhance overall wellness.

Event Planning

· Cultivate entertainment resources, network with local venues, and stay informed of local events and activities.

· Make reservations, purchase tickets, and coordinate transportation as necessary for all outside events.

· Meet with various organization, club, or committee leaders to facilitate selection of content, destination, speaker, or other details.

· Reserve Community venues, arrange for catering, procure key feature (i.e., entertainer, presenter, group, or film), and notify support personnel.

· Balance on-campus with local, off-campus offerings. Schedule intergenerational activities once per quarter, collaborating with the Fitness Coordinator. Include classes, activities, and events that enhance wellness.

· Oversee observance of holidays, annual events, military anniversaries, and other festivities, fairs, and seasonal or recurring events.


· Communicate all information clearly, accurately, and in a timely manner.

  • Advertise individual events, activities, and classes in all Community media venues.
  • Publish and disseminate calendars through Community media venues, mailing lists, and Resident groups. Maintain a hardcopy supply to provide Residents as needed.
  • Create monthly bulletin-board banner featuring all events, with supporting advertisements, sign-ups, emphasizing special instructions, deadlines, or changes.
  • Prepare slides for Resident Council meetings.
  • Develop and disseminate summary of support needed from various departments including campus access, venue set-up, refreshments, technical support, reserved parking, transportation, and special assistance.

Community Relations

  • Attend Community committee, club, organization, and staff meetings to provide support as needed.
  • Promote inclusion and conduct outreach to match the interests of new or isolated Residents with appropriate activities or events meeting individual needs and abilities. Enlist support of Community leaders to foster relationship building and engagement.
  • Recruit ARC artists to feature work as “Artist of the Month” in monthly art exhibit.
  • Promote ARC Residents and the Community by nominating or sponsoring Residents for recognition in local, state, or national programs.
  • Cultivate volunteerism within the Community to engage Residents and solicit volunteerism from the local community to benefit Residents.


  • Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent and a valid Texas Driver’s License. Some college coursework preferred.
  • Experience in entertainment, event planning, or senior population needs preferred.
  • Excellent diplomacy, customer service, and interpersonal relations, as well as verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office.
  • Demonstrated experience handling sensitive and confidential issues.
  • Strong, detail-oriented skills, multi-tasking, organization, and self-management.
  • Advanced proficiency with Microsoft Office suite to include Word, Excel, and Publisher.


· Ability to:

*stand or walk for long periods;

* lift 25 pounds or more, especially push, pull, and lift small equipment;

* stoop, climb, reach, lift, pull, push, kneel, crouch, squat, crawl, twist, and bend at waist.

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