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As the winter chill recedes and the sun stretches its warm rays a little longer each day, a sense of anticipation fills the air at Army Residence Community (ARC).
Summer is upon us, and with it comes the intense heat that can make outdoor activities challenging.
Walking holds many benefits for senior adults, ranging from physical fitness to mental well-being.
Pickleball is taking the Army Residence Community (ARC) by storm and for good reason. This exciting new sport is a fun way to pass the time and provides numerous health benefits for seniors.
With the busy holidays over, the new year offers a sense of renewal and opportunity; it’s a great time to make a fresh start!

Super foods. The name alone evokes images of capped heroes, swooping in to save the day. But are these foods really worthy of such superlative nomenclature?
While seniors are generally considered “late adopters” for most technology, more and more older people are beginning to embrace the digital age.
According to the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA’s) World Factbook, which tracks life expectancy at birth for every country in the world, revealed a surprising truth: In 2016, with a life expec
Many older adults recognize the benefits of living in a continuing care retirement community (also referred to as a CCRC or life plan community), including peace of mind that comes with having ons
“It’s the best gift my parents could have possibly given us at this stage of life.” Comments like this are common among adult children whose parents live in continuing care retirement communities
It is normal for older people to experience lapses in memory every now and again, or sometimes have a difficult time remembering a name.
For many seniors who are currently residing in their own home but like the idea of living in a setting where healthcare services are available if needed down the road, the Army Residence Community
Moving is never a simple proposition.
"What is the difference between a not-for-profit community such as the Army Residence Community (ARC) and a for-profit community?” This is a popular question among prospective residents of Continui
The Army Residence Community (ARC) is a popular retirement living choice among older adults who live fully, or mostly, independently today but desire to live in a setting whereby long-term care ser
Although the vast majority of people who live in Continuing Care Retirement Communities report that they are happy with their decision, there are many who delay a move