Strategic Plan


The ARC serves residents who served our nation by creating opportunities to live and age well.


We Advance our Mission by Offering:

  • Creative and innovative choices for quality of life and care
  • Resident-focused living with resources that evolve as needs change
  • A sustaining and shared culture of military/service values supporting those who work and live at the ARC


What we Expect to See Over 3-5 Years if We are Making Progress on Our Strategies:

  • Org'l Health and Sustainability Outcomes

    • Continuous, satisfied, engaged employees, leadership, and governance
    • Financial sustainability via revenue growth, diversity, and stability
    • Innovative, adaptive infrastructure and technology
    • Continuum of effective, quality health care resources
  • Service and Resource Outcomes

    • New or expanded service offerings that responds to need
    • Well-regarded brand and resources that create demand for the ARC now and in the future
    • Quality services and amenities
    • Positive experience
  • community Outcomes

    • Satisfied, engaged residents
    • A community culture that aligns with the ARC's values
    • Strong relationships with families, donors, partners, volunteers, and community
    • Safe, secure environment